Creative Programming for the New Pilates Instructor 

Yes, you have learned the basics through your Classical Pilates certification, but there is so much more to learn(and yes make you are PMA certified too). A basic certification is just your foundation in the fitness world, now let's take you to the next level. Jenn has finally created(per your request) training sessions that are geared to the new pilates instructor, apprentice & trainees in the Pilates community. We will go over CREATIVE Programming ideas for your classes, so that you are can inspire your students with new, fun, innovative ideas. We will get creative with balls, bands, weights, kamagon, UGI, sandbell, Physioball, VIPR, etc. on the reformer and on the mat to help excel your Pilates education to the next level.


Jenn Santana is an expert in her field, has never in 18 years taught the same class twice and has trained many celebrities in Pilates to include the Lakers, the Kings and Tom Cruise too~Lets get you to the top of your game, building your confidence as an instructor and have fun while doing it.

This is a one on one session- rate is $180 for a 2.5 hour Private training session.(by appoint only and yes you may split the rate with your friend instructors.) Text Jenn today

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312 S Catalina Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

p. 310.779.8641

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